Taken from The Proceedings of The XXV ISPIM Conference 2014 Dublin, Ireland - 8-11 June 2014 - ISBN 978-952-265-591-2. The full paper and/or presentation is available to current members of ISPIM who must log in to the Members Section of http://www.ispim.org to gain access.

Introducing Open Service Innovation Platforms: A Case Study


Dimitra Chasanidou, Amela Karahasanović , Marika Lüders


This paper presents the results from a qualitative study that examines managers' perspectives on open innovation platform (OIP) selection, focusing on their main criteria, requirements and needs. Six managers of a large company were interviewed about their experiences. This paper shows that platform selection is a combination of factors, and the creation of a company culture around OIP is very important in users' minds. Based on the results, we propose a list of selection criteria and dimensions for OIP classification. Our findings showed that criteria include ease of access, ease of innovation process, ease of integration and compatibility, as well as cost, fast, secure, differentiation for various user groups and the method of evaluating ideas. These results can be useful to support managers in their decision-making processes when selecting OIPs, in addition to helping platform designers and researchers.