Taken from The Proceedings of the XXII ISPIM Conference held in Hamburg, Germany - 12-15 June 2011 ISBN 978-952-265-092-4. The full paper and/or presentation is available to current members of ISPIM who must log in to the Members Section of http://www.ispim.org to gain access.

Innovation Sustainability and Knowledge Dynamics: A Synergistic Paradox


Lisa Daniel, Sasikala Rathnappulige


Progress toward a knowledge economy means an increasing emphasis on acquiring, cultivating and leveraging knowledge to ensure pertinent information is available for groups of specialists in organizations. Yet the social dynamics that support resilient and appropriate mechanisms of learning and knowledge sharing, key to the constructive and sustainable development of knowledge and innovation among groups of experts are still not clear. This study contributes to understanding the unique socio-contextual influences of knowledge development in expert communities, in particular examining how community knowledge is sustained and yet is also dynamic, changing and innovative. The findings indicate that the development of expert knowledge relies on three types of socially inherent yet implicit and personal tacit knowledge in conjunction with an iterative process of knowledge review, refinement and reflection.