Taken from The Proceedings of the XXII ISPIM Conference held in Hamburg, Germany - 12-15 June 2011 ISBN 978-952-265-092-4. The full paper and/or presentation is available to current members of ISPIM who must log in to the Members Section of http://www.ispim.org to gain access.

Self-organization in Open Source to support collaboration for innovation


Mixel Kiemen


This paper explores a hypothesis on self-organization. Depending on the proper conditions, we expect spontaneous open innovation to emerge. Drupal has recently seen the emerging of a diverse business ecosystem. Drupal is a free and open source software (FOSS) project to manage content. Interviews have been taken with the pioneering businesses in the ecosystem to re-track their dynamic capabilities and managerial policy. We investigate how their decisions have implicitly resulted in self-organizing innovation. Unintentionally the decisions have intensified the complexity of the Drupal ecosystem. Complexity is good for our study, as it creates the proper condition for self-organization. In particular one policy is inline with the literature of self-organization. From this insight we examine the role of Technology Mediated Social Participation (TMSP). In the Drupal case TMSP requires both software development and event organization. We discuss how TMSP supports innovation and we consider examples in management policy that change because of the self-organizing innovation.