Taken from The Proceedings of The XXIII ISPIM Conference 2012 Barcelona, Spain - 17-20 June 2012 ISBN 978-952-265-243-0. The full paper and/or presentation is available to current members of ISPIM who must log in to the Members Section of http://www.ispim.org to gain access.

Doctoral Training in the Areas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Bernard Monnier, Mohammed Errami


This paper focuses on how to develop entrepreneurial skill for doctoral students. Two dedicated doctoral training sessions have been defined in order to transform outcomes from research to innovation in "day to day" activities and to give to PhD students, the passion for innovation and to develop their entrepreneurial skills. But talking about innovation in research domain could not appear as relevant. Innovation means the process that transforms ideas into commercial value; research is at the upstream phase of this process. The objectives of the doctoral training are to define what innovation in research is, why it is so important to create value from research outcomes and how to give entrepreneurial spirit to PhD students. This paper defines in particular the Drim'5 process dedicated to promoting outcomes from a doctoral research study.