Taken from The Proceedings of the 1st ISPIM Innovation Symposium, Singapore - 14-17 December 2009 ISBN 978-952-214-665-6.

Innovative process to measure innovation - a decision making tool dedicated to open innovation


Bernard Monnier


Most companies need innovation to make their business grow and to increase their profits. Innovation is the successful market of a new idea. At the beginning of the process, it is not simple to evaluate if the new product is, or not, an innovation. It is only after launching and selling this new product that you may estimate the innovation level. This paper addresses the main issue: “how to anticipate the innovation performance for the decision making process ?” It suggests a method to measure the innovation level of a product or a service, based on Monnier’s Innovation Matrix© (MIM©). Such a tool could be used for a decision making process, to support marketing and corporate strategy, or for driving a collaborative research project. The added value of this method is valuable for managing open innovation projects.


Innovation Process; Open Innovation; Monnier’s Innovation Matrix; Framework; Innovation Measure; Innovation Improvement;