Taken from The Proceedings of the 2nd ISPIM Innovation Symposium, New York City, USA, 6-9 December 2009 ISBN 978-952-214-863-6

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Managing R&D by Innovation Measurement


Bernard Monnier, Bertrand Scache


We propose a structured methodology for managing R&D for new product development (NPD) by innovation measurement along the whole project life cycle. We suggest a phased project management approach linked to an evaluation of the Innovation by measurement.

The first part is managed by Stage Gate(TM) principles (Cooper 1993). A Stage Gate is mainly used to manage product development efforts when there is high uncertainty and risk.

The second part of our process is assessed by the MIMĀ© approach. This method proposes an Innovation measurement by a number from 1 (start level) to 7 (target level). MIMĀ© includes a tool which gives this numerical value [1..7] depending on the maturity of the supply and the demand (Monnier 2008). This method is used to facilitate communication between R&D and Marketing, to define a strategy to improve innovation and to help in a decision making process.