Taken from The Proceedings of The ISPIM Americas Innovation Forum: Montreal, Canada (2014) ISBN 978-952-265-589-9. The full paper and/or presentation is available to current members of ISPIM who must log in to the Members Section of http://www.ispim.org to gain access.

Revisiting the determinants of citation counts in scientific publication


Seyed Reza Mirnezami, Catherine Beaudry


Using a rich data set integrating information about researchers' funding and publication in the province of Quebec, this paper intends to identify the main determinants of their citation count. Using two-stage least squares to control for endogeneity, the results confirm the significant relationship between the number of articles and citation counts. Our results also show that scientists with more articles in higher impact factor journals generally receive more citations. In terms of research team structure, the team size has a positive impact on the number of citations. Hence the greater visibility provided by a more prolific scientific production, better journals, and more co-authors, all contribute to increasing the perceived impact of articles. The paper also shows no gender bias which means that both male and female receive the same number of citations. In most regressions for different fields and disciplines, the amount of funding from different types does not have a significant effect.